Treatment Notes - add Table

At our clinic we have to take measurements at each visit, it would be great if we could have the ability to add a table in a treatment note template.


i would love this as well

This would be great!

This would be a great addition to our notes.

I agree! Tables for my evaluation report templates would be an amazing addition.

I agree! I’ve created a new thread for tables in treatment notes and letters! Being a Podiatrist we record neurovascular foot health on a regular basis. Recording in table format is so easy to read, quick to complete and compare changes year to year. I also copy this table into doctors letters so they can quickly see deficits in foot health. Good reporting, good documentation and less double handling!

would love this feature for inputting exercise programs and progressions, much easier to use than paragraph format.

Hi all! :wave: While it’s unlikely we will have a specific table-feature built into notes in the near future (i.e. being able to format tables as you would in, for example, MS Word), I do have a suggestion/workaround. With the body chart template now being a part of our note templates, you could upload an image of a table to be a part of of your main list of “diagrams” in Settings → Body chart templates.

As long as your treatment note templates had a “body chart” question, you could then select the table as the “chart” when writing your notes. You could then use a stylus to actually write the measurements in, or use the Text tool.

Here’s a little example of what that would look like (I’ve just included a blank table, and the table itself is something I made in MS Word and took a screenshot of, to save as a JPEG):

It’s not the same as an actual table-builder in Cliniko, but may be an idea to consider!