Treatment note templates fro chiros



I have spent days trying to create an ideal note template fro my chiro practice. Frankly the cliniko note template making feature is not malleable enough to optimally create my notes, so I can efficiently notate my treatment interventions without endlessly rewriting the same words…
I would like to see 3 columns of check boxes. Each column will depict and represent left facets of the spinal column, right facet of the spinal column and bilateral contact point or spinous for the middle checkbox column.
The columns will feature descending check boxes each depicting a spinal joint or vertebral level. For example c0/c1, c1/c2 or c0, c1, c2 all the way down to the lower sacroiliac joints.
Adjacent to the checkboxes I want drop boxes with possible patient position - such as prone, supine, lateral recumbent etc,
another drop box for Intervention type- mobilisation, Manipulation/ Adjustment, drop piece, activator etc
And another for therapeutic descriptor (line of correction, drive or malposition)- for example- flexion, extension, inferior to superior, lateral to medial PIR whatever!
Maybe even have 5 descending columns the outer 2 checkboxes depicting the costo transverse joints.
level Left facet bilateral Right facet pt position Intervention Correction

C0/ C1 X supine Adjustment Rotation
C1/C2 X supine Adjustment lat flex

CAN WE PLEASE DO THIS? Or allow me the ability to set this up? I am literally begging you!




bit hard to draw that example. it disappeared when i clicked submit…


Flexibility is coming. Contact her maybe?


Hi Jono,

I know that it’s not native to Cliniko but our App, Instinctive Notes, does a whole heap of what you have outlined above.

You can check it out at in case it’s something you are interested in. We also have a video tour.

Note that we are only available in Australia at the moment so apologies if you’re not.