Treatment Note Diagrams


Any further update on ETA on this feature :grimacing:? It was nearly there last Nov.


Although ETA’s are hard to give out for any development, I can confirm we’ve been releasing some behind the scene changes to prepare for Body Diagrams. So I would keep an eye out for an announcement within the next few months (if not sooner) :raised_hands: ! There are A LOT of moving parts with Body Diagrams but we’re in the home stretch.


Finally I can give a concrete ETA for body charts, that ETA is approximately 1 hour ago. It’s live! :tada:

If there’s any specific templates you want us to include in Cliniko, now’s a good time to let us know. Of course you can upload any of your own right away.


Love them. Easy to upload your own diagrams and straight forward to annotate. Thank you :+1:t2:


Thanks Joel

Body charts are a welcome addition but more features are essential to making it really useful:

To start with a universal swatch/stamp library (recognising the practical issues with local customisation) so that we can apply stamps to a region to denote a type of symptom (e.g. neuropathic pain) and type of treatment (e.g photobiomodulation)


Happy to add this to Feature Request as well


Thanks @synaesthete, agreed, stamps would be a great addition.


I agree!
I really need paed face/head/neck please