Treatment Note Diagrams


You’re asking, and we’re listening! We know that treatment note diagrams are in very high demand—so read on for more information!

While we’re unfortunately not able to give an ETA, what we can tell you is that we’re getting close. You may have seen this before, but here’s the demo video we have:

As you’ll see, Cliniko will include some default templates…but you’ll also be able to upload your own! This means that regardless of your modality, you’ll be able to mark up whatever images you need to—if you can provide it, you’ll be able to draw on it!

We’re confident that treatment note diagrams will be amazing when they’re finished, and we’re excited to be able to release them out into the wild. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, if you have any questions, let us know! :grinning:

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Looking forward to this! :slight_smile:


The long wait for this has almost had me looking at some of the software my peers use. Almost, because otherwise I’m really enjoying the ease and look of Cliniko.


love it waiting for it =)


Great - looking forward to this addition!


Love it! Great tool guys, thanks for the hard work.


Please don’t forget our paediatric patients when designing


I can’t wait for this addition! I’ve been waiting for years!


Really would like this tool ASAP


We REALLY would love this feature. Is it coming soon?


Must be getting closer now! Have you got an ETA soon? Been waiting for a couple of years now since you mention you were working on it. It would help a lot on a day to day basis.


Please hurry with this - and then my husband will join the Cliniko train! Look foward to this feature.


How about genograms?


Love Cliniko. Would really love to have this feature working!


Great start. Would be good to average the pain areas over all patients and gain insights too


Hi Cliniko - would love to see Body charts coming through in the very near future
At the very least the ability to add a hand filled in body chart into the treatment notes chronologically
Just a reminder some of us are still holding our breath for these ……
Many thanks for a great program


Agreed - this would be very useful!


Any news on when this might be? This will be so awesome when its up and running!