Tracking of Access to Files and Deleted Case Notes


Hello Cliniko Community,

Is there anyway to tell which clinicians might have accessed which files and is there any way of seeing if case notes have been deleted and by which clinician? We want to ensure that all clinicians working within our service have access to the full clinical history of all our clients, but we were wondering if there was a way of tracking which clinicians have accessed which files in the event that files were not being accessed for clinical reasons, as an extra layer of confidentiality. In addition, we wanted to see if there was a way of being able to track the case nights that might be deleted by clinicians (e.g. case written by clinician but under the wrong name).




This is probably a goal for “gold standard” charting.
I know that my governing college is still thinking over their policy for electronic health records and I know that this is on their wish list - not just notes with date created & modified but time as well.
Having a log of who’s viewing would be nice as well.