Touch free check-in Kiosk + Patient Forms - Cliniq Apps

Hi Everyone,

You can now ask you clients to self check-in via our Touch-Free Kiosk mechanism. We have made all the effort to keep your staff and patients safe during this period.

:+1: Our touch-free kiosk already knows who your patient is so asks NO questions. Yes, absolutely none. :blush:

:+1: You can ask your patient to check-in while waiting in the car before coming to your waiting room. This will reduce contacts in your waiting room.

:+1: We inform you the patient has checked-in by: Updating the appointment in your Cliniko Calendar, showing a pop-up to practitioner, email or SMS.

:+1::rocket: Ask your patients to fill patient forms, digitally sign and provide consent while they are waiting in their car.

Please note that this is just a small addition to our current exhaustive Patient Forms that can be automatically sent to your patients based on your chosen protocol for intake, surveys and outcome measurements.

Enjoy growing your practice :rocket: