TO DO LIST attached to patient files/cases etc

I’ve been thinking about this for a while… Once of the biggest challenges we face as practitioners is keeping up with our paperwork in an organised manner.

It would be amazing if there was a to do list for practitioners that links to patient files.

It would be great if aach task can have due dates attached to them and reminders can either popup on the practitioners/users page or just simply be there on the to do list.

-John smith Initial report (Due 3 March 2021)
-David Hanna Progress Report (Due 21 March 2021)

  • etc

This would also link to cases. This way we can opt to have an automated task set for John Smith’s case for example. This could be an initial and final letter (for an EPC case) or a progress report every second consult within the case (work cover). This can also be applied to NDIS service agreements if certain tasks are linked to this (either for admin or practitioners)

With this, each practitioner will have their own “to do list” developed for them with due dates etc.

If there is an integration to make this possible, that could work too (Asana for example)


Hi @YourPodiatryRoom ,

We at have a feature for this. Please have a chat with us, we will help you set it up. :+1:

Thanks for reaching out Horan!

We already have a task manager (Asana) which works well for us but we would really like to see the tasks integrated within the cliniko app with in house reminders and links to patient files and cases :ok_hand:t3:.

Do you happen have these functions within cliniko?

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This would be a great feature for Cliniko! Would love this!


Hi @YourPodiatryRoom , yes the feature floats on top of your Cliniko calendar. You don’t need to switch apps to manage them. Setup a free demo session with us at we will show you.