Timezone Support


I have been interested in cliniko’s development of timezone support for a while as it is an important part of our business but in these changes times it couldn’t be more important and means that I am still using an alternative booking software to provide this feature and having to manually input patients each time. Please cliniko in light of the importance and indeed success of telehealth let us know if this is something you will address soon?




I agree that this feature is critical to my business too.

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I’ve just moved to tele health and treating people around the world. Clinico would work well except it doesn’t do time zones! If it did I’d sign up right now!


+1 from us too.

We’ve got practitioners in Perth and Sydney with clients/patients from both Adelaide and Brisbane and more.

Managing timezones is a big issue for us.

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Yes this is an issue for me as well - Working between Melbourne and Sydney is ok, but across to NZ, or Western Australia is a problem - I have had to implement a work around for a client in Bali…

One of the advantages of this pandemic for me is that moving to online creates new market opportunities outside of my local area. 50% of my current clients are not local to me! amazing.