Timetable Showing Which Feature Requests Are Being Implemented in Cliniko

We are encouraged to submit Feature Requests but it is almost impossible to find out easily whether they are ever likely to be considered, let alone implemented - unless I am missing something?

It would be really helpful to know which Feature Requests have been selected by Cliniko for future upgrades and when they are likely to be implemented. Could you publish a timetable of planned enhancements / fixes that users could refer to?


Love this comment! I often ready so many great suggestions and those which i have suggested myself and never know what the outcome of it is. Would be great to have a status of some sort.


When is Cliniko going to be more transparent re potential features and timelines for development? Each time someone asks this question we get promises that things are changing, but it doesn’t seem to eventuate. Please, Cliniko, communicate with your users.

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Yes, I agree with this sentiment. Overall I am pleased to see that Cliniko do make changes, such as the improved metrics for monitoring the performance of practitioners.

Yes please for this.

Grouped suggestions in the timetable would be helpful (ie. related to cancellation, related to reports, related to buttons, related to online booking)

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