Time-out function when logged in


Hi Cliniko needs to have a time-out function certain amount of time of inactive use & the system will prompt to enter the pw. when a practitioner is logged into Cliniko & forgets to log out so as to avoid anyone else accessing their account. More imp especially when using the system at home or on their phones. eg: after xx time, the screen will prompt for your pw to be able to log back in again.
With the privacy & data security issues we need to be able to prove that the system is secure & there is a way to limit access by anyone other then the practitioner.
It would also be nice to have a prompt screen to force users to update their pw eg: every 3 or 6 months pws have to be updated.

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Yes except how many people would forget and it would cause many more issues. if you don’t want people to enter your devices you should lock your phones or PC

Hell i know it’s illegal for Cali doctors to leave there electrical medical devices on with patients alone.
Same goes for the Military Records and hugely sensitive Issue.