Thinner pen option on body charts


I’m using the body charts primarily for treatment notes (using Apple Pencil). I use the pen option which is great - but it would be really useful if there could be a thinner line/pen? It would make the writing look less clunky.


Hi there!

I’m not sure if you are looking for a smaller size than what we have currently, but you can adjust the size of the pen on body charts! If you press and hold the pen icon, you will see a set of sizes show up:

Let us know if this does the trick!


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your response!

Yes I currently use the smaller size; I’m just finding that (on the iPad) it’s still looking very thick/hard to distinguish the handwriting. The Apple Notes etc have a thinner stroke (pen thickness) which I find much easier.



Hi Polly,

We just released a smaller pen and eraser tip :smile:. You should now see 4 options for each :writing_hand:

I hope this helps!


Hi Jason,

That’s amazing, thank you! And thank you all for the quick response, really appreciate it!


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