The Practitioner Performance Report now separates individual and group appointments! 🙌


The title says it all—the Practitioner Performance Report now allows you to review group and individual appointments separately. :star_struck:

If you’ve never used this report before, you may want to check it out. It shows you some really useful information, like average revenue per appointment, number of new patients, cancellations, and DNAs, and even how many patients don’t have a future appointment in the books!

And, as of today, you’ll see some shiny new tabs when you’re looking at that report:

Separate tables for group and individual appointments! :clap: You’ll also be able to see overall revenue under the “Revenue” tab.

This should give you more accurate information if you offer both group and individual appointments! :tada:

:point_up:Note: this change will not affect previously generated Practitioner Performance Reports. If you wish to see separate information for individual and group appointments in older reports, you’ll need to generate those reports again.

Happy reporting! :bar_chart:


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this is a great change and will help us to analyse individual and group consultations with more accuracy - thanks!