The all new Cliniko Community

The all new Cliniko Community

We’re excited to announce the new Discord Cliniko Community as of the 1st of December, 2022. This community will be a place for those in the healthcare community to discuss important topics, compare notes, and maybe even enjoy a little bit of banter. You can join the Discord community today!

The aim is to bring a wide variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences together. It will also offer geographical or profession-specific spaces for when that makes more sense.

Since you are here, you know we already had a community tool, however it has not succeeded in facilitating the kind of discussions it was designed for. We always wanted the community to be more transient in nature while focusing and highlighting current conversation.

The main goal of the new community is to facilitate discussions between the amazing people that use Cliniko, but also the wider healthcare community. This is not about talking directly to us at Cliniko, although we’ll be participating, but really giving you a safe and private space to discuss important topics with each other.

So what happens from here?

You can join the Discord community here. It’s largely chat based, with many areas and topics to join, but it’s using a tool you may not be totally familiar with; Discord. It will also have the ability to host voice and video chats, and we expect to be hosting some video events there.

This community platform is now in a “read-only” mode, meaning you can still read the topics here, but no new contributions will be possible. From the 1st of February 2023, the read-only community site will no longer be available.

We also have a blog post that explains more about this new community, as well as more details on how to join!

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