Thank you page options for bookings


My biggest problem at the moment is that I can’t track individual ads and how they are converting with each individual type of booking with my facebook pixel.

I believe there are 3 ways to solve this problem.

1.Set up a tracking on google analytics: unsure how to do this or what the ‘url’ would be for each individual booking type.

  1. Have a way to put facebook event code on each page through the software

  2. Have a place to put a redirect link after booking completion so that I can send them to a thank you page and then I can add the code there.

Can you guys provide or add any of these?

Thanks :smile:

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Hi, keen to know about the requests above too, any updates?

Hi all @thephysiocrew! Are the ads you’re running Facebook ads specifically?

We don’t have support for the Facebook pixel, but you can set up Google Analytics (more on this here); cross-domain tracking would allow you to track multiple “sources” of where the booking originated from, and there’s some information on that here.

If you didn’t want to go that route, I could suggest somewhat of a workaround. You’re able to input any URL you want into the “Website address” of your business settings:

This, in turn, will show up as a “Back to website” button once someone confirms their booking online:

This won’t automatically redirect them, but if they click it, it would bring them back to whatever URL you had put in that field. Here’s a quick little example of how it works, using as the website:


Let us know if you had any specific questions, either here or via email at (or right through the Help → Chat with us link in your account)!