Telehealth Video Quality - routinely very bad

Does anybody else routinely have very bad video and sound experiences when using Clinko telehealth. If so, have you been able to find a workaround (other than better internet connection or switching platforms)?

I really want to love Cliniko Telehealth and use it exclusively, and I always start every new client on it. However increasingly I’m having to switch to Zoom due to quality issues with telehealth. This can be video quality, but also the screen share feature does not work well enough (and I need to use it a lot) and also lack of important features (for me) such as waiting room. Sigh…

Cliniko: why not provide a secure way of using Skype or something that works - like Halaxy has done?

I was so excited when Cliniko brought out Telehealth but the quality was such an issue that we had to switch back to Zoom :slightly_frowning_face:

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