Telehealth is coming to Cliniko! 🎉

I doubt that Cliniko are reinventing the wheel… that sounds like Cliniko are building a video conferencing platform from scratch. What it seems like to me is they are integrating a VC toolkit into Cliniko with the necessary support so my clients can book in the same way they currently book and I get paid with certainty - all with no admin imposition on me.
I actually have started using Coviu but booking requires exception handling as does collecting payment, though I may be able to improve that with Stripe.
Yes it will pass, but it may be several months of suboptimal business practice which is why these enhancements will be a welcomed by many in the Cliniko fold.

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@joel we are all with you - it is amazing what you and your team have achieved in such a short time.
I have to say we have been using the telehealth service within Cliniko for the last few days and both the team and our clients say how simple it is to use/access.
For me as the business owner, we look for a really high standard and this meets this from our clients perspective - and I’m sure the future upgrades to this solution will be great - THANK YOU!

PS - Who cares about GDPR (in Europe) anyway?
We should have been doing things correctly as Healthcare providers anyway and in line with our healthcare governing bodies (HCPC UK) recommendations… Way before GDPR came along!