Telehealth is coming to Cliniko! 🎉

WOW! This is why we love you guys!
I am just in the process of deciding which solution to use for Telehealth appointments.
Was planning to go live on Wednesday.
We were looking very closely at Coviu, mainly due to its super simple access for the end client. (click a link - and you are in)
If you can copy that - I’m in!
Go team Cliniko!

Fantastic News - The Cliniko TeleHealth interview was brilliantly done. We’ve just signed up with PhysiTrack TeleHealth, so it would be great to look at the comparisons, at least the simplicity for use for our clients. Keen to see whether there’s scope to integrate a payment gateway prior to clients receiving their session, but I appreciate all Cliniko are doing.

I’m a little disappointed. I thought it would be more efficient use of your tech peoples time to improve the integrations with the existing software.
Why recreate/duplicate something that only needs a few tweeks to be running?

My question is, will your telehealth option be fully peer to peer encrypted?
Will it meet all of the requirements of the health associations in Australia?
Will there be any data stored ? and if yes, what data and where will it be stored?

We looked at improving the integrations first, but that didn’t seem to be viable, so we’ve decided to build it into Cliniko to get the best experience for our customers.

Our Telehealth on first launch is fully peer to peer encrypted. Down the track we will also be using a relay system to offer additional functionality (so will not be purely peer to peer), it will still of course have full encryption.

It meets all the requirements of the health associations in Australia, and in most countries, like Cliniko does now. In fact, it likely exceeds in many ways, as we are also mindful of GDPR in Europe, and HIPAA in the US, for example.

The first release, will not be storing data. It’s peer to peer as mentioned. When we offer the relay service, and offer recording and storage, it will be stored in the same way we store patient information now, which is via Amazon Web Services. We currently have servers/environments in Australia, the UK, and Canada. With more coming soon.

I’m not sure why the disappointment, I think this is great for our customers.


Thanks for replying so quickly Joel and for answering my questions.

My disappointment comes from the thought that your tech people, are possibly applying their attention to creating something that will be a new income stream for Cliniko. Rather than focusing on providing a higher quality experience with existing options. Sounds like we, your customers, are left to battle on with clunky integrations while you work on duplicating a service.

Hi Leanne,

Firstly, and really importantly, I promise you this is nothing about a new income stream. Our sole focus now is helping our customers stay in business. Originally I thought we’d be adding this for free to Cliniko, it’s only when we realised the cost p/min to us of the calls, we knew we had to pass on a fee.

Right now, I don’t want more money from our customers, I wish we could be charging them less if anything.

I believe this is the best experience for our customers, it’s why we’re doing it this way.

If you want to have a quick chat with some more detail, email me (my first name with your number, and I’ll give you a call.

We’ll have this out this week, it’s not slower than integrating further with another system, that is always surprisingly hard.


To answer other questions:

  • Yes, easy for people to enter, just click a link.
  • We’re adding payments for online bookings separately, but hopefully around same time.
  • It will be 1 to 1 to start. I can’t imagine we’ll be doing break out rooms at all.
  • It will have screenshare
  • Unlikely to have forms any time soon
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No set date for release yet?

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On track for this week

Hi @joel
I have confidence that Cliniko will choose an appropriately compliant video conferencing platform.
I am far more interested in changes to the moving parts in the core Cliniko system; things that spring to mind include:

  1. Are appointment types going to be designated as either fare to face or video?
  2. Will there be flexibility to have 2 online bookings buttons on my website – one for face to face and one for video consultations – filtered as per the metadata postulated in the precious point
  3. Will I be able to click through from the appointment in my calendar to launch the video session?
  4. Is the same appointment reminder system going to be used for video consultations? Will the video link URL be exposed as metadata for constructing a custom confirmation and reminder email?
  5. Can I have the flexibility to enforce payment either at the time of booking (preferred) or allow ‘just in time’ i.e. just before the appointment.
  6. Further to the previous point, can I configure Cliniko to be able to launch a video session only if the client has prepaid?
  7. Will the system remind me that the client has not paid and/or will the payment status show in the appointment or in the video dashboard?
  8. Will there be an ‘in-video’ payment option if I choose not to enforce pre-payment?
  9. What visual clues in the calendar and what reminders will exist for the practitioner to know that the next appointment is video based?
  10. Can I easily refund a prepayment either in full or with a late cancellation fee deducted?

Don’t want to distract you from delivery but knowing what’s coming in more detail would be useful


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  1. Appointment types will be “Telehealth enabled”, that means a meeting room link is generated for those type of appointments.

  2. You can already have different online bookings links for different appointment types, so you can use that. Also we’ll be adding “Telehealth” properly to online bookings, so they don’t need to choose a location first (this will probably be next week).

  3. Yes, click the appointment to launch the video.

  1. Yes same reminders/confirmations. The video link will be a placeholder.

  2. Yes you’ll have flexibility on payment choices, but that will come with the online payments release, not the video chat one. Also planned for this week.

  3. You can mandate pre-payment to book, but not directly tie the video chat to a payment or not.

  4. We already have payment status on the appointments with an icon on the calendar. We don’t currently plan to show it in the video page.

  5. No option to pay during video at this stage.

  6. I’m not sure what cue yet for you to know it’s video. It will be a different appointment type, so you can colour code it. Maybe we’ll add an icon too.

  7. You’ll connect your own Stripe account to Cliniko for payments. You’ll use their interface for refunds, etc. They do allow to refund or credit.


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Thanks @joel. Shaping up nicely. And appreciate the tip re the bookings url builder.

I think your support so far through this has been amazing! thank you so much!

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This is fantastic . I have been looking at the 3rd party integrations but if can be done all under one roof so to speak then that is much cleaner and easier. And by the end of the week. I Cant wait. I am assuming that there will be no software to download for the patient and it will just pop up in a browser… Is that right? Also would the patient need to sign up to anything? I have have discounted solutions such as Skype and what’s app for those reasons.

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Hi Joel

I’m a little surprised by this move, considering what I understood Cliniko’s primary clients being “Allied Health” who I believed required a “hands-on approach”.

To be clear, I’m a total fan of telehealth - our service only consults in the cloud (so to speak). We understand the benefits of it, and see how it can bring value to our patient’s lives.

From day 1, we adopted Zoom. And while it may not be the cheapest service in town, it certainly is a robust and secure service. It’s audio algorithm is also first class, and I very hear from our team complaining about poor service.

I also recommend our patients us the Zoom app - and all they have to do is insert the meeting code, and away we go.

So between those of us who already practice TH, and those who could provide a “hands on consult” why the push? Was there an overwhelming demand from the community?

Our company have a growing need for an improved experience with Cliniko, but as we are a minority voice, I guess our needs will likely never be met.

I do agree with one of your other users, it seems a waste of developer time, when there are so many other pressing needs of the community.

Really amazing work and support thanks Joel. You have an incredible company and for those physios that understand the huge value we can continue to deliver via telehealth this will be an amazing help both in the short term and to open new opportunities in the future.

Hi @NZFCS, with the lock down/social distancing/social isolation taking hold, I can assure you that my client base is cancelling face-to-face appointments at a rate of knots and there is a surge in requests for video consultations. I understand you may have other pain points, but these enhancements in this new business paradigm are critical to both delivery of services to customers and my business continuity . I for one am elated that Cliniko have taken this action to support this new delivery mode.


Hi @PetaB
I totally understand the shift that happening. But as they say “this too will pass” and once we have gotten control of this virus, I suspect a lot of people will return to “F2F” appointments.

So given patients are cancelling now - what are you waiting for? Sign up to Zoom, or one of the many platforms out there.

The point I (along with other readers) are making is, why is Cliniko “re-inventing the wheel” when there are may needs not currently being met in the current environment.

I doubt that Cliniko are reinventing the wheel… that sounds like Cliniko are building a video conferencing platform from scratch. What it seems like to me is they are integrating a VC toolkit into Cliniko with the necessary support so my clients can book in the same way they currently book and I get paid with certainty - all with no admin imposition on me.
I actually have started using Coviu but booking requires exception handling as does collecting payment, though I may be able to improve that with Stripe.
Yes it will pass, but it may be several months of suboptimal business practice which is why these enhancements will be a welcomed by many in the Cliniko fold.

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@joel we are all with you - it is amazing what you and your team have achieved in such a short time.
I have to say we have been using the telehealth service within Cliniko for the last few days and both the team and our clients say how simple it is to use/access.
For me as the business owner, we look for a really high standard and this meets this from our clients perspective - and I’m sure the future upgrades to this solution will be great - THANK YOU!

PS - Who cares about GDPR (in Europe) anyway?
We should have been doing things correctly as Healthcare providers anyway and in line with our healthcare governing bodies (HCPC UK) recommendations… Way before GDPR came along!