Telehealth feature requests and gremlins

Hi, I’ve searched for an existing subject thread but didn’t find anything suitable, apologies if i missed something. I’ve been using Telehealth for a while now, and would like to continue using it, however a few things are concerning me about that, in the form of missing features and gremlins:

  • Still no waiting room - this is important for me. It always catches me by surprise when I connect a couple of minutes early and my client is already there, waiting for me. I would like the ability to admit them to the call when I am ready, and at the allotted start time. You did say that you were going to work on this so can we have an update please?
  • a whiteboard feature. I’ve tried to use screen share with the Microsoft Whiteboard software on my PC but for some reason the client can never see it, I don’t know why that is.

And the gremlins:

  • The Telehealth feature seems to be very PCU resource hungry while it is running and I’ve had a few crashes
  • screen share is very hit or miss. Often it works first time, sometimes even second time I use it in a session, but then subsequent times it just doesn’t work and clients can’t see my screen share
  • sound and vision often get out of sync. There are more freezes than I get using Zoom, I suppose this is a resource issue (see above). For around 50% of my clients I have had to revert to using Zoom.

I would really love to stick with Cliniko and stop using Zoom altogether, but while these things remain an issue I don’t think I will be able to,

Many thanks


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P.S. Also meant to say that the screen share functionality is a bit clunky. It’s ok when you share the screen (provided it works, which it doesn’t always, see above) but the process to unshare and go back to full screen video chat is clunky and time consuming. It would be great to have this in one click, as it is in Zoom. thanks.