Telehealth - Feature Request


Thank you for adding Telehealth so quickly during these challenging times.
Feature Requests are;

  1. Timezones for online booking, sometimes I have to follow up with a patient over the phone/video call as they are travelling abroad or I am away on a business trip so I need my calendar to reflect this - I currently use ScheduleOnce and Zoom but would love to use cliniko exclusively.
  2. Online Booking - Allocated Hours by Appointment Type I am a single practitioner and need to be able to take online bookings for certain parts of my day in the same location but want to allocate blocked hours that vary to have available for video calls, there needs to be a feature that prevents a telehealth call being booked in between physical appointments without me having to set up a separate business and keep checking back and forth between two locations.
  3. Online Forms urgently needed in these evolving times - cliniqapps isn’t working, even with a paid plan and I have had more patients than I can count that are unable to submit their forms and have complained for the time they have wasted trying to fill them in. I need my patients to submit their information and view it on their files prior to my telehealth calls now more than ever.

Stay safe and awesome!


I have a feature request for telepsychology too - it would be great to have features like a whiteboard that can be shared with clients. I agree that an online form feature would be helpful.



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Thank you for the Telehealth feature, it is great and is so simple for our clients to access.
We don’t do online bookings but Online/Consent Forms is a yes from me.

I know Telehealth in Cliniko will evolve, but can I suggest:

1 - URGENT - Group appointments have the ability to be included in Telehealth - It only needs one of the group (say a 1:2 appt) to receive the link and have Join button next to their name.

2 - Group class feature for live classes.

3 - The ability to move your camera view around the screen.


Agreed completely @tabitha.spence

  • Timezones for Telehealth (raised 2 years ago in previous thread). We have a national Telehealth allied health practice and trying to manage across 3 time zones but in one practitioner timezone.
  • Online Bookings - for allocated hours by appointment type.

We’re working on time zone support right now, and will be released shortly.

Group appointments the same.

Moving your camera around the screen will likely be an option, we’re experimenting with it currently.


Thanks for the update joel!
Any news on whether there is an expedited plan to work on optimising the calendar/online booking functions?
e.g. Only permitting specific appointment types during certain hours.
Such as, Practitioner sees emergency patients 9am - 11am, rehabilitation patients 12 - 3pm and has coaching calls 7pm - 9pm…

No news on that yet sorry.

I agree, Group appointment will be great! 1:4 or 6. more than ever people need to be connected.

Hey, love it so far but id like to see it have a few more features like coviu if possible.

Such as the screens moving to the side to show a larger screen share window as well as each webcam window, option of changing the webcam window sizes. A file transfer, PDF or image, ‘waiting room’ music for the client whilst we connect, a whiteboard feature to quickly sketch ideas, a session record feature for future reference if needed, would be good to be able to have the patient notes or files up on the screen at the same time as well… im not asking for a lot in this early stage :stuck_out_tongue:


Not having group sessions would stop me from using Cliniko Telehealth.

Not sure if I’ve posted this in correct place…

Looking to use Cliniko for Telehealth but from what I can see, if I screen share I can’t also see the patient. Is this right or am I being a technophobe?

I want to be able to screen share an exercise video and watch a patient perform it


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Also -
When a client/patient joins the call, can you automatically mark the client/patient as arrived please.
I am currently following my team while we are in the early stages of telehealth, to assist them in any tech issues they or the client/patient may be having, but not knowing if they have joined the appointment or not is really annoying - as the Physio can’t mark them as arrived, because they are now in the video call within Cliniko.
Even if you can’t automate it, could you have a button under the video, so the Physio can hit that to manually add their attendance?

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@revivechiropractic Nope, you are correct there! We’re looking to fix that with an update.

@sussexphysiopilates Nice suggestion! It’s on our to-do list, though we are working on a couple other things first.

Any hints for a work around on this? Otherwise do you know if scheduleonce can push bookings to cliniko somehow?
Lastly, are online forms on the radar at all?



Firstly a big big thank you and congratulations to team Cliniko for being freakin awesome, so on the ball and so responsive through this whole :poop: storm! Just adding to the Group telehealth request! Up to 1:6 if possible pretty please - we’d actually like this more than 1on1 sessions! And I second the @sussexphysiopilates request of an auto arrived option - especially if our physios need to be working from home and away from our admin team.


that would be excellent! As we can’t work with cliniko telehealth in its current form so will use alternative service

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Thank you for implementing this so quickly! Can we please have full screen mode?

I also second the request for online forms. Going forward, this is going to crucial for many of us.

Also, it would be helpful if you would let us know what this is going to cost as soon as possible so that we can decide whether it’s worth moving patients to this system or not. It’s great that it’s available for free now, but it’s the long-term cost that is important. At least for me.

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Another request please… ability to annotate on someone elses camera would be amazing like coviu!
Am I also right in understanding that you are not working on a feature to keep recording of call on patients file?

Hi @tabitha.spence
I’ve seen a comment that recording of the video will not be implemented due to changes in infrastructure the team would have to make.

For all of those requesting group sessions; the video calls are peer to peer, i.e. direct comms between the two endpoints. To put it another way, directly between your device and the clients device. The video stream is managed by your device. Adding connections for additional devices will lead to higher processing power required for the connected devices. Maybe with a redesign of the infrastructure this will be possible.

  • I also like the idea of the auto check-in functionality
  • Keeping the video of the client visible at all times is important. Either in a separate window or in “picture in picture” mode (PIP)
  • File transfer would be great, but alternatively, an easy way to create links to Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive documents would be great
  • Any calendar functionality must have timezone functionality. Either of us could be travelling & now with telehealth, my clients could very well permanently live in a different time zone. Hopefully the booking system will pick up the time zone based on the home address of the client?
  • Please give us the option to move the self view to other positions & make it sticky
  • Is it possible to zoom in/out & adjust brightness?