Telehealth enhancement requests


I’ve this week switched to using Cliniko for my telehealth clients; I’ve been using Zoom throughout lockdown. I’ve swapped to reduce the number of software packages that I am using as well as for some better security. I’m nervous what the future pricing will be, but decided to try it anyway. There are some features which I’m already missing:

  • Clients are disappointed that they can’t hide their own camera view. Some people are really self-conscious about themselves and find seeing their picture distracting and want to switch it off.
  • The ability to send attachments and links in chats. Sometimes clients want to send me an image/pdf and vice-versa, and we now can’t do that.
  • The image quality is worse. I think Zoom has software which is more forgiving for poor signal, so shows a better picture. I’ve had some really pixelated calls this week which is a problem.
  • A notification that a chat has been received. You can’t see it in full screen mode at all and can be a helpful way of communicating if sound/picture goes - often people are in full flow and don’t know something is wrong at the other end.
  • The waiting room feature was great as a clinician you can ensure that your screen and positioning is correct (change any settings, the camera you’re using etc) before connecting with the client. I’m now having to open Zoom, open my own room, check the screen and positioning, close it and then open the link in Cliniko. What a faff!
  • Somehow allow new clients to be able to check their settings before a session. I spoke to someone on your team, and we did a workaround, by creating a fake appointment. Not ideal as I then needed to know what time the client wanted to log on as there is a short window. In Zoom, people can log in anytime. This could be something that’s on the Cliniko main website which we could send clients to to physically check that they can access their microphone etc. I don’t want to be doing this in the session itself.

Completely new feature

  • Please could you show a clock in full screen view. I have to have a portable clock next to the laptop as I want to be able to see clients clearly in full screen mode, but this blocks out the clock in the timebar. Please can you show this on the screen? Having clients on full screen helps with video fatigue which a lot of us are experiencing.

Thanks very much for listening!



totally agree especially with
a clock and time of call in the view (due to testing i do i need to do calls on my phone and most of my clients use their phone)
also in comms tab a record of call length
chats so that call issues can be ironed out without going into other tabs will help


It would be great to be able to view the client’s file during a consultation and take notes.


I just want to echo all of the above suggestions to improve the experience on both sides of telehealth. The ones that especially stand out to me after using telehealth for several months now:
-need to be able to hide camera view
-waiting room
-access to clock
-improved video quality

Thanks very much for consideration of these, and very much appreciate having telehealth integrated with the rest of the available Cliniko feartures.



Hi, I agree with the requests made by the OP but also want to add that I’m finding the screen share function buggy. It will often only work the first time I use it in a call then not at all when I try to share something else later. It also doesn’t work with some programmes such as Microsoft White Board, which given there is no integrated whiteboard is a pain. This, and issues of call quality, are the main reasons that I’ve been finding myself increasingly going back to Zoom. I really WANT to stick with Cliniko Telehealth, but unless a few things improve I’m going to find it difficult to stay with. Thanks.

P.S. Also just to add another strong vote for a Waiting Room feature!


Hi, I’m switching to Cliniko after 7 long months with another telehealth platform that underperformed - horribly. I’ve tried probably 6 or 7 others so I have some idea that I would love to see in Cliniko.

First, I echo Elizabeth’s enhancement requests above. In addition, I offer these possibilities:

  1. I see a lot of couples, and many of them are in separate locations. I can book them together at the same time, but I have to click on the small window to bring up the speaker, so the constant clicking is distracting for all of us. Moreover, I can’t see the facial expression on the face of the listener when the speaker talks - it hamstrings me in detecting what the listener is feeling. Can we have a split window where I can see bot equally sized? If you had this feature, I could much more easily sell it to my colleagues who see couples and families.

  2. As mentioned above, some people don’t like seeing themselves on their screens.

  3. On the appointment calendar, when I book an individual, the calendar shows me the time and the person’s name, but when I book a couple, only the “Couples Therapy” and time show up on the calendar without their names. Can that be added?

  4. A waiting room would be great. Even better, you can have an (uploadable) meditation people can relax and prepare for the session.

  5. If I’m running late on a session, is there a way to tell if someone is waiting for me (in a waiting area)?

  6. Is there a line quality check that you use for Twilio, similar to what tokbox or net2phone have? I’m familiar with, but even though we both have high speed connections (mine is 400MBPS), there are times when the video and audio are out of sync.

Thanks so much for considering!


I echo all of these. My peers and I tried Cliniko for a 3 way peer meeting. We left and used zoom after about 5 mins. The lack of gallery view meant the meeting was untenable. I was spending more time navigating the software than being present to what was being said. Also it’s a misconception that the only communication worth having is when a person speaks. There is much to be read when a person is listening or reacting.

In the new year I’d like to offer group Supervison, but I can’t do that on Cliniko which is a real shame.

I’d also like to add the ability to edit the screen size when not in full screen mode. I have an add-on webcam part down my screen so that it gives a better impression that I’m looking at my clients. I’d like to be able to adjust the size of the telehealth client window when not in full screen so I can position the client on the screen where I want them (I use a 27’ inch screen”. Currently it’s at a set dimension and when you adjust the window, only the side panels change, I’d like to be able to find a middle ground between full screen and the set size given. Thank you.