Take payments at the time of booking

Hi Joel, when will this function be available?


Hi All,

I don’t have an ETA for it yet.

As for payment options, we’re still considering two:

  • Plugging your own Stripe account in.
  • Handling the billing ourselves so we just take the charge and settle to your bank account.

I’m not sure which way it will go yet.



The cost of the initial assessment.

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Will we be able to offer online payments as an option, but still let clients book without pre-payment if they prefer? Or will all have to prepay if the feature is activated? With some of your competitors it’s either all or none and some offer a choice. Just wondering which way you’re going.


Hi Joel,

Any idea when this feature is likely to go live? I’m trialling cliniko at present and this feature is crucial for my business in the near future!

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Hi Joel (and everyone)

Really keen to know how close we are with this feature. It would be a massive step on…



Hi Joel ,

I seem to be a debt collector some days not a practitioner so this feature is critical to my business atm, can you confirm this will definitely be an option ,


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Hi everyone, this will still be happening—we don’t have a specific ETA to share yet , but I can assure you that things are moving along, and we’ll let everyone know when it’s ready!



Following with keen interest ,

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If you are integrating a payment system…can we have it do schedule payments automatically. (like a subscription) We have people that pay a weekly or monthly amount. One of our other offices has this feature and it’s bliss for making sure payments occur rather than checking off bank automatic payments on a spreadsheet and adding them manually.

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Could it handle stripe storing payment details so client doesn’t need to pull out their card each time…we just click to bill and it authorises payment…they get an email or text to say it has just occurred. It means staff aren’t getting bogged down with using an eftpos terminal or swiping cards each time. Our clients have loved it before as it stops them having to go to front desk to pay when they have already prebooked a bunch of appointments.

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Any update Cliniko with a month?


Any update please? This is well beyond a nice to have feature at this point, clients expect it and we look like amateurs without it.


Are there any updates on this? IN these COVID-19 days, a facility like that outlined above where we can store credit card details and activate payment at the end alleviates anyone having to touch a shared surface, like cards or eftpos machine would be great for all. It will also help with billing of Telehealth items. I see something like this as a priority.

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Disappointing to see a history of ignoring messages and promises not fulfilled on this feature, which for me would be a decisive difference in what is becoming a highly competitive field. Looking at Cliniko favourably with your response to Covid re telehealth, and really hoping to find a solution to this one remaining issue: bulk billing for telehealth is viable for me, but the issue of no-shows on initial appointments is a stumbling block. What I need is a deposit, or even better, a credit card vault service with automatic cancellation fee activation, to cover appointments that result in no-shows or cancellation less than 48 hours before the session. If clients know the deal, the chances are they will attend, or will cancel with sufficient notice. It would be a good feature if we could waive the fee should we discover on the day that someone has an extraordinary excuse and we want to waive the fee on compassionate grounds. Please at least respond to this and give us some more concrete response. This thread dates from May 2019 and it’s not a great look for people like me about to sign up for a subscription.

Hey @rddownh

Online payments are now live - https://help.cliniko.com/en/articles/3833646-an-overview-of-online-payments

Regarding this particular thread - it’s less about ignoring messages, and more about the fact that we didn’t have anything of substance to share or add to the conversation. Online payments remained on our priority list, but just under some other pressing things that kept diverting our developers away from working on it. With a hard look at what clinics were needing as the COVID situation developed, it became clear that we needed to introduce tools immediately to help everyone keep on top of things - and so the priority for online payments very quickly became one of our top features.

Have a look at the feature though - I suspect it will do what you are after :smile:

Thanks for the reply, Jim, and that’s excellent news. If I may suggest the next (perhaps obvious step) might be to use Stripe’s ability to vault credit cards rather than actually taking payment, to cover potential no-shows/cancellation fees for bulk billed Telehealth sessions. This will likely reduce the number of no shows for new online clients, while automating standard cancellation policies. Even if the actual cancellation payment needs to be manually executed in Stripe, vaulting the credit card details using that option would be great, especially for providers whose bookings are entirely online. In the meantime, thanks for getting this and the other Telehealth initiatives done.

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I would be quite interested in the above feature as well. It would be fairly useful to accept a credit/ debit card so that if a person doesn’t attend they are still charged.

I’ve set it up at the moment that people have to pay at point of purchase on our online booking page so at least that way if they don’t attend they have to ring and ask for a refund so i can decide how much to refund/ keep the cancellation charge, in line with our cancellation policy.


hi @jim and Cliniko team,

Thank you very much for adding in Online payment and Telehealth options. I really appreciate this new approaches as it helps our clinic a lot in COVID 19.

I have one expression of interest in online payment. We have lots of clients who prepaid by membership or prepayment packages with practitioners. Is there any options that these clients can select pay by prepayment link to their credit in client’s data? I would love to hear if this is a possibility in the near future?

Thank you and best regards,

@Daisy_Nguyen Not in the near future I’m afraid. In order to link up a booking with someone’s account credit, we’d need to be a lot more certain that we’re talking to the right person. I don’t think that’s going to be possible without patient logins.