Take payments at the time of booking

Hello there, I have posted this question a while back but no one seemed interested in responding :frowning:
Do cliniko has got any plans on allowing us to take payments at the time of the booking any time soon?
Unfortunately I am considering to change my booking system as this is a feature that is really needed for us :frowning:


It’s in progress as we speak!


This would be brilliant!

I cannot wait for this!

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Fantastic. iZettle integration would be even better.

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Amazing news, I have been moaning about this for years, it vital for our Pilates classes

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Great news, will this integrate with Square or Stripe as the payment gateway?


Thank you!!!
I literally can`t wait! Counting the days!

i love this idea, particularly for new patients.

More excited about this than i probably should be! Thanks Cliniko team! :fist_right:

When will it be available?

This is EXACTLY what I’m after!

We are desperate for this feature - it will save us a fortune in lost revenue through DNAs. Any further news on when this will become available?

Please could you let us know what payment options are being worked on i.e. PayPal, Stripe another platform and an estimated time on when the updates will be released?

Is there any more information you can give us at this stage so that we can make a decision on how to move forward as we may need to seek another bookings provider depending on time scales. Thank you in advance.

Please say it’s going to be PayPal :slight_smile:

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This would be a very good feature

Tic toc tic toc tic toc :slight_smile:

I’m interested in how people will use this feature. Do you perceive it as a turnoff if you’re going to make new clients pay in advance?

All of our new patients pay a deposit which has completely reduced DNA’s to almost nothing. This is where we will use the payment scheme mainly.

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Great idea, how much deposit?