Take deposits for online bookings

In addition to full payment, you can now take deposits for online bookings! :sparkles: :partying_face: We have an overview of how it all works on the support site, but we’ll give you all the details here, too.

:point_up:Note: This is an optional feature, and you can set different deposit amounts for different appointment types (and you can specify some that require a deposit, while others don’t have to—it’s totally up to you).

Within your Stripe Payments integration settings, you can specify a “default deposit amount”. In below example we use $25, but this number can be whatever you want it to be:

Save the settings, and then head into your appointment type settings. Under the online payments section, you’ll want to select “Require deposit during booking”:

If you leave the Deposit amount field blank, patients will be required to pay the default (that you’ve set up in step one). If you add a different number, patients will be required to pay that amount.

When patients pay a deposit, it will be very similar to if they were paying the full amount. They’ll select the appointment type, choose the relevant practitioner, date, and time, and before confirming, they’ll be prompted for the deposit:

As always, our support team is available to assist if you have any questions!


Absolutely love this and I’m quite surprised how little push back there has been.

There is an issue regarding the raising of the invoice however. If a patient is on a concession rate or might not have a gap fee with their private health, the invoice will automatically be raised at the time of booking and the appointment rate might not be correct.

A fairly minor issue in isolation, however this also pushes across to Xero which creates a fairly tedious problem to solve.

Could I request that the invoice isn’t raised and the payment is instead applied to the patients account instead. This would give us the opportunity to apply the payment to the correct invoice or change the invoice to a cancellation fee as required.

For bonus points it would be good if there was a refund button for patients who might not have a gap. I have had to process a few refunds already which was done through stripe, but it would be nice to be able to do it one place.

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I would much rather have the online payments be added as a credit to the patient account as the practitioners are unable to edit the invoice that gets automatically created and closed for the appointment at the time of payment. This may be weeks in advance of the appointment, and since our practitioners get their portion of income weekly, we have to change the date closed for each invoice so they don’t get paid before the appointment has taken place, especially of the appointment is moved to another practitioner.

Also the practitioners need to add which treatment the patient actually had at the appointment so they cannot use the pop-up box to create another the invoice. They have to go through the patient profile to do this, which means they have to populate lots of fields to do it correctly. This method causes so many inaccuracies and lots of admin work for the few of us that are admins.

If the deposit/payment from online bookings was added as a credit to the patient profile, the practitioners would be able to create an invoice from the pop-up box and there would be very few errors and would save time for them and us admins.

Please give us the option to have the payment added as a credit rather than a closed invoice.

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