Syncing Practitioner Bookings/Availability Across locations

Is there potential of syncing practitioner appointments across locations so that bookings at one location appear as “unavailable” type block in the calendar of other locations?

Having set shifts of availability at each clinic doesn’t allow us enough flexibility for the way we schedule appointments at different locations and clinic spaces, but jumping back and forward between locations to check availability is such an inefficient process and also causes issue with online booking availability.

Does anyone else have a better way to handle this?


I’m looking into setting my “business” under settings as each practitioner, so that each practitioner gets their own calendar. However I’m stuck on how to then make sure the clients know which space / clinic it will be in!

We are desperate to see this feature developed in Cliniko. We have multiple practitioners across 3 sites. Despite our admin team’s best efforts, someone is often double booked as it is so hard to juggle the different calendars and manually block out availability.

Hi everyone—this is something that we know would be really handy for a lot of people. At the moment, we’re deep in some tasks that need to get finished pretty soon, but after we’re done with those, we’ll be able to revisit other things. I’ve passed this onto our team here—thanks again!