Syncing External Calendar Subscriptions with Android Phones

Hi, I just wanted to share something useful I’ve discovered regarding using external calendar subscriptions with Android devices.

At the moment, you can subscribe to the calendar via a Google account. However, it can take up to 12 hours to sync and there’s no way to manually refresh.

I’ve discovered a free app on Android called OneCalendar - - where you can add a subscription calendar (Menu → Accounts → Add Account → WebCal → paste calendar url). Whilst it does still seem to take up to 12 hours to automatically sync, there is a way to manually force-sync (Menu → Sync), which is a viable solution to the problem.

Hope this helps someone else.


Hi BigC, does this relate to adding a Cliniko appointment schedule? I have tried adding both my Cliniko calendar and my Gmail calendar to OneCalendar without success. In theory, it is the answer to all my problems, but on my android phone it is not working for me.



Yes, I’ve managed to get my Cliniko calendar subscription onto OneCal.

Can you describe your process at the moment? Step by step?

And are you sure you’re using the Cliniko generated calendar subscription URL?

Sorry for not replying sooner.

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Hi Steven,

Thanks for replying at all!

I was on holiday when I wrote it so out of the crazy busyness of work.
Today is the last day of another holiday, so hopefully, I will get time to re-visit it and answer fully.

Yes I did use the calendar subscription URL.



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