Super administrator

Hi Cliniko,

I love your software package and it would be nice to keep it simple and clean, as it is.

I have a major issue with the user access in the software and it may mean we have to change in the future unless the issue can be addressed. I would far rather stay with Cliniko.

None of the receptionist user roles allow the reception staff to access treatment notes to create and alter practise letters, and the practitioner role does not have access to financials and create invoices, so the only way to allow the reception staff to do their jobs is to make them “administrators” to have both clinical access and financial access.

This means that any receptionist can add and subtract users as well as have major access to effectively shut down the clinics software.

We (the Cliniko community) really need a “sub” administrator with limited access, or a receptionist with access to treatment notes as well as financials, with a super administrator user who can have over-arching access to the entire clinic being able to control major functions.

Is this possible or currently being looked into?
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Michael at Private Fracture Clinic