Super Admin User Needed

Hi Cliniko,
As our business has scaled up significantly we have encountered a significant risk among the “user roles” that are available and needed by our practice. The “User roles” do not work well for a mid size business where there is a need for multiple people to have access to the practitioner back end. Our business has grown beyond only having one or two people managing the administrator settings to set up practitioners and maintain and update back end settings. For example, we need elements of the “administrator role” for several of our senior practitioners to set up new practitioners as they are onboarded, however to issue “administrator” role to a senior practitioner is a significant decision. “Administrator” gives them full ability to adjust our account, business settings, billing settings and with the push of a button potentially derail the back end operations. Are there any plans to add in more detailed user options or a “super admin” to have oversight of any potentially significant business setting changes? We are stuck as to what to do next and want to communicate the significance of the problem and find a solution. Simone