Student / Trainee Practitioners

We take student SLTs on placement from their uni courses.
They are required to keep clinical records but they need to be countersigned by the therapist.
Would it be possible to set up a student ‘user type’ with the same access as a practitioner?

The only function I think should be different is that the student needs to have their notes countersigned once checked by a qualified practitioner.


+1 We take students for placements as well and this is another thing we are required to do to ensure the students are accurately completing case notes.

Even if a student account can only save notes as a draft and requires a practitioner account to save it as a completed note.

This would be a really useful feature so we can have our SSLTs using Cliniko but with the function to view and countersign their clinical notes.

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I also think this would be really useful as i take lots of student practioners and need to countersign their notes

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