Stripe Reconciliation Into Cliniko For Recurring Direct Debit Payments

To improve my service, particularly for group appointments, I’m starting up subscription based recurring payments on stripe. This keeps the fee amount to appear low and adds flexibility for the client on their journey rather than big lump sum payments for terms (12 weeks) etc.

A problem I can see from this is that we will have to manually reconcile these payments in Stripe into Cliniko.

Does anyone out there see a benefit if Stripe integrated with Cliniko so that they can easily create subscription based products for their business and clients?

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Hey Ben. I actually requested Cliniko enable us to store credit card details securely within the program. I find Stripe is super expensive on fees!

Karen! What a great idea!?

Imagine if Cliniko could find a way to allow us to do recurring direct debits in-house. I wouldn’t mind fees from Cliniko if it meant convenience of it all auto-reconciling within the software.
I did talk to Medipass and they mentioned that it’s not on their radar atm.

Hi @Ben_Taylor and @Karen

We will likely be expanding the capabilities of our existing integration with Stripe in the future. I’m not sure if it will include recurring payment options, but I can check in to that one for you.

I can almost definitely say that we wouldn’t be providing an option to store Credit Card details within Cliniko itself though.


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Thanks for the prompt reply. Expanding on current integration sounds like a great move!