Stock control with Cliniko

Has anyone tried to integrate cliniko with a stock management system to improve management of stock ?

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Can’t bring myself to do it for cost reasons alone. We already pay Cliniko about $300 a month and another inventory management system would be around $100-300 for a bare bones system. I have looked at a few different cloud based systems and you might be able to use WooComerce for some of it for free. I have a Woocomerce site but don’t sell anything online, we only use it to showcase the products we carry but there are inventory controls (better than Cliniko) but I can’t comment on the reports that the site generates.

We’re able to use Excel (like it’s 1999) to get the basics done, but it’s a lot of work to maintain Cliniko and Excel when Cliniko should be able to it by simply adding a few more fields and creating reports with those fields.

Cliniko is just focused on different issues than Inventory. They need more people talking about inventory issues if they’re going to do anything to make it better.

Hi, I use cliniko, and Woocommerce, but I have not considered using it for my stock control. I only use woo for the stock for my online shop, not my bricks and mortar stores.
Can you explain how they could be integrated?
Also, if you didn’t have a budget, what stock control system would you get to work best with cliniko.
For me the 2 biggest problems with Cliniko are stock control and I’d love to be able to add photos to the patient files.

Hi Dr. Naomi,
I never looked into integrating them (Woo/Cliniko) my plan would have been to rip all the inventory out of Cliniko and manage the stock solely from WooCommerce as it can handle multiple locations. There are programs and ways of doing it but I’ve never looked into it as I know it costs more than I want to spend. I just googled it and what I am remembering isn’t popping up on the first page of results, so I can’t even point you in the right direction. There are websites (people) who will do an integration but it will cost $1,000’s to do it from scratch. I was hoping to point out a specific website for you because I swear I’ve seen someone who has already created the integration software; but I can’t find it.

If price wasn’t an option, I would probably use Sage. It really depends on what your looking for and even where you’re located to a certain extent. What works for me, may not work for you. I have an inventory management background so my expectations for software are fairly high and our budget directly conflicts with that. Sage is very piecemeal; you only pay for what you need and there are bundle options as well, but you are paying a premium. Haven’t really used Sage in 5 years though so maybe some things have changed.

All that being said, Xero isn’t bad either (recommended by Cliniko), but we’re in Canada and a lot of Banks won’t integrate with the software. Xero would easily be integrated and there are lots of inventory programs that work with it. There’s some good resources on their page here… Xero.

Sorry I can’t help more.