Square Reader Payment for Online Bookings not Just Swipe

Currently, there is only an option for prepay for online appointments - at the time of online bookings - via Stripe (an online payment system linked with Cliniko).

I would like to suggest adding another popular payment terminal such as the Square Reader, as an alternative to Stripe. Stripe - as I know - is only for online payments for online bookings, whereas with Square Card Readers you can do both payments for online bookings as well as pay physically, using a tap/physical card method. This multifunction is helpful for small businesses.

I would also like the option of ONLY the Initial Appointments, requiring prepayment as I’ve had people try to harm my business by making ‘bogus’ bookings - fake customers with fake numbers, fake emails and so forth, just plain fake identities to take up appointments that could have potentially been for an actual paying customer - totalling a loss of $120 per appointment. So it would be added as more of a security measure as well as a cost-effective way of drawing out the flakey patients/customers.

To add to the above option; then make it possible for returning customers to have the option to pay at the appointment or pre-pay online, but not making it mandatory for returning customers, as their identities have already been verified.

Please help!

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We would also love to see a more inclusive alternative to Stripe, which specifically excludes outlying territories for both the US and UK. This affects us in the British Crown Dependencies - we cannot have an account with Stripe.

PayPal would be great!

Yes, please, the addition of the integration with Square would be great.