Speeding up outcomes in group appointments

I run pilates classes, which I diary as a group appointment, with up to 10 people. I find it very time consuming marking each individual person as arrived, and then creating an individual invoice for each person. Is there any way of speeding this up, i.e. having a checklist to mark everyone as arrived? It would save multiple clicks of the mouse

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Hi - we’re looking for the same!!!
Also from the client’s point of view in order to book online, they need to fill in ALL their contact details to book a group class even through they are registered on the system. Can this be made simpler where the client starts to type their name, and then cliniko fetches the client record and displays first name, last name, last 4 digits of phone number to click on the correct record to book the class. The booking process is too cumbersome and lengthy for those who come to class twice a week and just want to click on the class day/time and click book!