Speed up print invoices


My staff members find that it takes a long time to get the invoices printed off for patients. Is there a way to streamline the print process so that it is one click?


Could you let me know the current process your team takes to generate Invoices, @Dale?

We’ve tried to limit the number of steps needed so I’m interested to hear the process your team uses at the moment. Currently, you can limit the steps needed to print an Invoice to the following three steps (this is from Google Chrome):

  1. Select “Print” on the Invoice (this can be done from the Invoices Page or when viewing an individual Invoice)
  2. PDF opens in a new tab/window (or saves to your device directly depending on your settings)
  3. Print the PDF via the Print Dialog/Window

Majority of browsers currently have no settings to allow you to override steps 2 or 3 (Google Chrome took away the ability to bypass the Print Dialog window in 2016). So if we could help streamline your printing process that would be the best route.

Let me know.


Hi Rachael,

We are doing the print process as you have mentioned using Google chrome. It seems slow when there are multiple invoices (ie. one chiro and one massage) as well as multiple patients.