Specific appointment types in specific time slots only

Hi there, Have Cliniko considered enabling clinics the ability to set rules for the online booking function for specific appointments in specific time windows ie between the hours of 12pm and 2pm only the appointment type “Initial Consultation” can be booked and between the hours of 4pm and 6pm only “Standard Consult” can be booked? It’s frustrating when a new patient books in to your peak hours for standard consults thus taking up 4-5 potential time slots. This is something I believe many practice owners would highly value and utilize often as many clinics instruct reception staff not to allow new patient bookings in those peak times. When you allow for online bookings you expose your clinic to reduced profitability in this sense.

Also for for the One-off Availability function it would be great to open times on your calendar as a one off but only allow for a new patient booking. I often want to open another 45min slot in the day to potentially gain another new patient but hold back as more often a standard consult would book in instead.


I’m in for this…I think there are several other threads requesting this :slight_smile:


Yes, agreed.
I would like to set a limit when EPC’s can book online.


Yes!! This is feature that we really needing as well! We want to be able to restrict New Patient consults so they aren’t the end of the day on Friday for example. Right now our only solution is to use little unavailable blocks to restrict to shorter appointment types but this limits other types that are just s long s a New patient.

Please add appt type restriction cliniko, thank youuuuu!!!


Is there a way of separating face to face appointments and telehealth appointments. eg a practitioner wants to take in clinic patients only on Monday and on Thurs wants to do telehealth from home. How do we stop people wanting face to face appointments from booking on the Thursday as the practitioner will not be at the clinic?