SMS Replies Notification - Visible from 'Appointments' Tab

Suggestion: Add some sort of notification icon to the Dashboard icon so that communications from clients don’t get inadvertently ignored when you’re in the Appointments tab.

There is no notification at all to tell us when we get a communication from a client. It is one of the things that really cause difficulty for us as clients get upset when we haven’t seen a message (e.g. a client called this morning - she must have replied to her appt reminder just after we had checked the dashboard, and she was upset that we hadn’t received her message - It’s untenable to check it manually every five minutes!)
Honestly, it makes us look unprofessional.

If you add a little red number (i.e. 1 for one message, 2 for two messages) that pops up next to ‘Dashboard’, or even just a little red dot to say there are unread communications, it would make staying on top of those so much easier.

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