SMS reminder No Reply Option

I would like it if you would create a No Reply option for SMS reminders.

I don’t want another mode of contact that people can send cancellations from and I don’t want to be charged for an extra SMS credit, to add a line saying “Please do not reply to this SMS”. It defeats the whole purpose and it is actually a really poor boundary to have in a business where communications can easily be lost. It makes people rely on this as a mode of contact.

There is the Jane App which I have come across which prevents customers from replying to an SMS reminder by preventing two-way SMS replies.


I was literally discussing this today. It becomes so hard to manage and you end up responding to multiple sms questions from clients.


Thank you!

It super annoys me there isn’t an option to opt out of customers from replying to reminder SMS’s. That’s not even what they’re intended for. It’s a reminder, not a conversation service.

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Hi everyone, you can do this in We also give you the capability to have your clinic name as Sender ID of the SMS. Please have a chat with us, we will help you.