SMS Reminder by Appointment Type


Would it be possible to add the ability to choose which appointment types have SMS and / or Email reminders, rather than just a blanket all.
The reason being, we are now using the fabulous Group booking options for our classes each week.
We have 16 classes a week and they just don’t need reminding to come to their class each week and would cost a small fortune to remind them.
Our 1:1 appointments however do need that reminder…


Hi, @sussexphysiopilates! You can already decide which Appointment Types receive Reminders :smiley:!

To do this: head to Settings → Appointment Types. Then edit each Group Class Appointment Type – you’ll see an option to turn off Reminders:

Untick the option for Appointment Reminders then update the Appointment Type’s settings. We will then no longer send out Reminders for that specific Appointment Type :raised_hands:!

We may add an option to enable/disable JUST SMS Reminders vs Email Reminders but for now, this is how you can disable Reminders for specific Appointment Types.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the reply.
I have currently disabled all reminders for classes type appts, but to have the ability to just send email reminders as apposed to SMS for an appt type would be so useful. & vice versa.


Hi @sussexphysiopilates you can do this with Cliniq Apps. Please send an email to if you want us to show you how.



Hi Cliniqapps,

Thanks for your reply, but I have no intention of spending any more money, (an additional $149 per month) to get features that should be available in my current software solution.