SMS notifications from patients

Hi, We are trying to rationalise a problem; patients are sending us messages in response to sms notifications but we are not seeing them, as they appear in email and dashboard but do not flash up in the appointments section. This means we need to click in and out of dashboard to update the patient’s status. Is there a way of having sms texts go straight through to the appointment section so it can be seen immediately?

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Hi @Kendall! At the moment, SMS replies do not go to the appointments—so there is not a way to automatically “confirm” the appointment via that SMS reply, unfortunately. This is something we would like to offer, but I don’t have specifics on when it might happen. Right now, you would need to manually confirm the appointments, as you’ve been doing.

At the moment, you can get SMS replies forwarded to a certain email address (this can be set up in the SMS settings), so that might be a way to get a better view of who has replied to what (and then you could have the inbox open in another tab, so you wouldn’t have to keep refreshing the dashboard to see new replies). It’s not perfect but it may be of use for the time being, until we have a better way to handle automated appointment confirmations via SMS replies!