Smart 1 day view: Show only scheduled practitioners

We’ve just added a “Smart 1 day view” option to the calendar that will allow you quickly show or hide practitioners if they are scheduled or have availability :tada:

:rotating_light: Just note: This only works when displaying 1 day only. If you change your calendar to view/display 3, 6, 7, or Work week, the Smart 1 day view will not be enabled.

How to enable Smart 1 day view

To turn on Smart 1 day view, first head to the Appointments page.

If you’re on desktop, within the top-right corner you’ll now see a cog-wheel icon :gear: (next to the Hide names button). Once selected, from here you’ll see the option to turn On/Off " Smart 1 day view ":

Otherwise, if you’re on a mobile or tablet device, to change your view, you’ll need to select the arrow on the top right of the screen. You will then see an option to tick the " Smart 1 day view " option:

Once Smart 1 day view is turned On , the appointments page will automatically adjust. The calendar will no longer show practitioners on days they aren’t working. This setting will be enabled until you change your calendar view (i.e. to display 3, 6, 7, or Work Week) turn Smart 1 day view off, use a different device, or you clear your cache and cookies.

:point_up_2: Just note: if no Practitioners are booked or available that day, you’ll still see a column on the appointments page that will allow you to book with ANY practitioner, just select the practitioner you’d like to book with when creating the appointment.

To learn more about this change head to our support guide.


Thank you for constantly improving Cliniko.
Can you please continue to work on allowing this feature for all diary view options?
Our appt diary is mostly in 6 day a week view and we need to see availability for all practitioners when toggling to book/rebook clients.
It would be cleaner to only see the diary for those working in any given view.
It would use less screen space which also allows a clearer view of the appt diary.


Great work! now to improve this further we need the option of being able to set the start and end dates for practitioners sessions and alternating weeks so that we don’t get a whole lot of unavailable blocks still showing. Like this:

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