Slight changes to the way treatment notes and patient forms are exported

We’ve made a small change to how things look when you export treatment notes and patient forms via the data exports function. :memo: In the past, you would select either all of those records, or a subset of them based on a specific type of template:

You would then see whatever you had selected under “Data to export”, and your spreadsheet would include the details of all notes, or the details of notes from specific templates:

However, if you had a lot of notes or forms to export (“a lot” meaning more than 10,000), a second field would appear within the data export information, and you could type in the template type of the notes you wanted to export. This was put in place because of the way we used to build the list of note types to export, which could cause the page to get “stuck” while loading for accounts with lots of data. However, it required users to type in the exact name of what they wanted to export, which was more than a bit inconvenient.

With the new way of exporting, we’ve built on the idea of this specific field for selecting a template, but for everyone, and not just those with over 10,000 notes.

You can still select all notes or forms, or you can select them by template—but if you select the “by template” way, there will be an additional area next to the “Data to export” field that allows you to select the template:

The overall functionality is the same, but the visual appearance is a little different. You no longer need to type any template names from memory and the page should load quickly no matter how many notes and patient forms you have on your account!

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! :hugs:

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