Slight change to how "Patients without upcoming appointments" and "Rebook rate" numbers are calculated in the practitioner performance report

Within the practitioner performance report, there are two metrics called “Rebook Rate” (the percentage of appointments booked during the report’s time period that also have something booked in the future) and “Patients without upcoming appointments” (the number of patients who had appointments during the report’s time period, but who do not have anything booked in the future).

“Rebook Rate” didn’t previously include cancellations, but it did include “Did Not Arrives” (DNAs). “Patients without upcoming appointments” included cancellations and DNAs (as well as attended appointments).

It didn’t really make sense to count DNAs and cancellations, as those particular areas of the report are meant to help you track data for appointments that were attended, not missed! From now on, those two areas will only be looking at attended appointments.

You may wish to refresh the report to get the most up-to-date information, if you’d like to have a look at it to see if anything differs now that cancellations and DNAs aren’t included.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!

The rebook rate is really helpful, only thing is it is ANY appointment and not necessarily an accurate stat from a specific practitioner. Is there a way to show rebook rate for appointment types linked to the specific practitioner??

Just found a bit of a problem with ‘rebook rate’ I believe - it appears as if its counting ANY next appointment booked. This is creating a bit of a false read on rebook rate for our practitioners if the massage therapist’s patient didn’t book with them again but they have another Chiropractic appointment booked the RMT’s rebook rate looks better than it is!

Suggestion would be rebook rate for that single practitioner OR if it could be from a selection of appointment types.