Show more patient info in drop down when making new appointment

Hi team, when making a New Appointment for a patient in the calendar it would be great if we could also see the patient’s PREVIOUS appointment date, UPCOMING appointment date, appointment notes/warnings & outstanding invoice amount in the “Patient” drop down menu. At this stage you only see their name and DOB. We realise this would make the drop down bar longer/bigger but do you think it could be a possible change? This would also be a great addition when searching in the “Patients” tab in the sidebar.

This is important for our clinic because if it’s been longer than 12 months since a patient’s last appointment we do a review and update their consent which requires a longer appointment.

In addition, seeing appointment notes/warnings straight away in the drop down menu would be really helpful as it allows my receptionists to know what type of appointment and how long a patient requires for the appointment, instead of making the appointment then having to go into the patient file, then look at appointment notes and the date of their last appointment. Overall it will make phone calls and the appointment making process quicker and more efficient for us.

Stirling Family Chiropractic



Hi @StirlingFamilyChiro! I think this is a great suggestion and can definitely understand why it would be useful to see all that extra information when booking the appointment! You are correct when you say it would make the drop-down bar a lot longer; navigating the design of that could be tricky, as we could run the risk of making that screen too cluttered. So I’m not quite sure if this is something we’d do, but if we make changes to that area, we will definitely let people know!

In terms of this:

In addition, seeing appointment notes/warnings straight away in the drop down menu

I’m wondering if the “Appointment notes” feature might help with this. When something is added to that area in the patient details page, it will show up automatically when you select a patient’s name from the drop-down menu (and while you’re still in “edit” mode):

Do you think that would help somewhat with your booking process?