Should the booking system show today and not the next available spot?

Hi guys,

I just had a call from a client who was 100% sure one of my therapists was available at 3pm today. Didn’t take me long to realise that she saw her schedule for next week, and this is just Cliniko taking the client directly to the next available spot.

So I understand that for the client it’s not really clear, and given us humans have a terrible habit of not reding things fully, I understand her confusion.

I think this is a simple fix, that can avoid people showing up on the wrong day as well.

Hope this topic helps everyone :smile::+1:


Hi @SDT, thanks for bringing this up! I had a quick test as I wanted to see what my online bookings page displayed if I had availablity “the day of” (which also happens to be 6 September, like in your example). Mine highlighted today in a dark colour, as that’s the “next available” time:

I see in your example, today is simply outlined (to indicate that it is “today”), and the next available day is dark, like you’ve mentioned. I can see how your client may have missed the outline on “today”—and therefore assumed that the darker block was bringing them to the current day!

I can pass your feedback onto the team here, thank you for mentioning it. :slight_smile:


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Legend! Thanks Emily, hope this is an easy fix too :wink:

We have flagged this exact issue directly to Cliniko a few times over the last 6 months. It looks like is should be an easy fix and I would see this as an urgent fix. We have had many people show up a week in advance to appointments, especially on weeks where we have all been fully booked. We have had to put a note on our booking page to bring peoples awareness to it, but like has been said, we don’t read everything.

Please please please Cliniko prioritise this and let’s stop confusing our clients. The platform generally makes life easier for them, which is the whole point. I know we have lost some new clients when they arrived and we couldn’t accommodate them. Existing clients were more understanding but it is not an issue they should have to deal with. They are coming because they are in pain or stressed or both.


Guys, one more client just did exactly the same, she booked this morning a spot at 11:15am but didn’t read that it was for Monday, the therapist’s next availability.

How long until we can get this sorted???


Sorry to do this, but we just had another client show up today (Saturday) for an appointment they had just created which was in reality made for Monday, obviously the therapist’s next available spot.

Guys, please can we get this fixed asap? The client was really not happy with the situation.