Separate invoice templates for different clinic locations

Hey everyone,
We have two clinic locations and each one has a different bank account. A couple of our patients pay by bank transfer so we put the bank details on the invoice under “extra business information”. At the moment, it looks like there is no way to add different “extra business information” for different clinics so we have to put both bank account numbers on the invoice…

Just wanted to let you know that it would be helpful if there was a way to have a field for bank account info for each location that we could add on to the invoices :slight_smile:


Hey Rachel,

In the meantime, would the Business Contact Information field work for you? You could enter those Bank Details there on each Business, then tick the “Show Business Contact Information” checkbox over in Settings->Invoices!

Let me know if that works for you!

Hi Clint - we did try this however then the bank account details started coming up all over our reminder emails and txts, which was not ideal! Thanks for the quick reply anyway :slight_smile:

Ah, of course. If you’re already using that field for your actual Contact Information, then that wouldn’t work!

We do get lots of requests for breaking things down on the Invoices, so that only specific Practitioners or Businesses show certain information, instead of things being account-wide. This would be a perfect example of where we need the ability to separate things more thoroughly!

Wish I had a solution for you on this one right now, but feel free to let us know any more thoughts you have on this topic :blush:

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Has a suitable alternative been created yet? I have the exact same problem, thank you.