Send one-off forms to patients

There’s an additional way for you to send standalone forms to your patients!

Previously, the only way you could send forms was via confirmation emails or appointment reminders. This was because the “placholder” link that you added to those templates would create a unique URL that was basically a “one time use” thing for that specific patient—you couldn’t copy that and send it again to anyone (either the same patient, or someone different).

However, you can generate a link for the form right from the patient’s details page, and send that to them in an email or SMS. This might be handy if you want patients to fill out a form on their phone while they’re waiting for their appointment, or if they’ve opted out of confirmation emails, but you still need to get info from them.

How does it work?

You’ll create the link from the patient’s details page. To do this, find the patient you want to send the form to, go to the Forms section, and press the Add form button:

You can then select the template you want to use, and link it to an appointment if applicable:

Hit the Create form button, and you’ll see the form added to the main list of all forms for this patient:

Now, to send this form to your patient, just press the Copy link button. This will copy the URL, and you can email it to your patient, or send it to them via an SMS message. When they fill it out and submit it, there will be a checkmark (:heavy_check_mark:) under the “Completed” section.

Here’s a quick little demo video of the form creation in process:

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help!

If this is linked to an appointment booked in the diary will this form automatically be sent as a text message to them alongside their appointment reminder as a one-off form? Many thanks :slight_smile: