✉ Send me an email, please!

We are pleased to announce our new notification method: Send me an email.

This new feature enables you to send an email to the relevant team member(s) based on events in your Cliniko.

This feature is as flexible as the rest of our system and can be modified to suit your clinic and practitioner-specific needs. You can automate many different events, such as:

  • Sending an email to the “Last Practitioner” three months after someone’s last appointment.

  • Or reminding the “Next Practitioner” to prepare for an appointment or informing them of a cancellation.

  • Or maybe reminding a practitioner to finalise their treatment notes.

  • Send an email to the “admin team” if someone has had an outstanding invoice for a long time.

  • Or even triggering a chain of emails when someone has a keyword in their treatment note or has given favourable feedback. The possibilities are endless.

Please feel free to set up a free demo session with us or sign-up at www.cliniqapps.com to check it out.

P.S. This feature is fully compatible with our Task Management system and can be combined with that feature to increase effectiveness.