Seeing total Attended and Missed Appointments at a glance



As I see patients on small pre-paid plans. It would be useful for me to see in the treatment notes window and the patient profile window the number of appointments they have missed/cancelled/rescheduled, and the number of appointments they have already attended.

Seeing the total number of appointments ATTENDED helps myself and my staff to easily see and calculate how many visits they have left. (I know currently there is no simple way to keep track of appointments other than creating recalls for all appointments, which is too cumbersome and requires wayyy too many steps).

Even better if there is a mechanism to see how many visits they have left at a glance.



Hello. How do you currently handle this situation now? Maybe with more insight as to the way you handle appointments attended they would be able to better understand your needs and build such things in the future.

Sometimes we lack the right understanding of how someone wants something when they say things like this would help if you did A.B. or C. So having better insite always helps me do things.

-I don’t work for Cliniko this is just something i’m curious about.