Security Concerns with Daily Payments Report


Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but have used Cliniko almost since it started.
I am posting about what I feel is a serious concern for all clinic owners who have other practitioners using Cliniko. Did you know that ALL Practitioners have access to the " Daily payments" report for your entire clinic?? That’s the financials of your whole clinic revenue accessible to all your practitioners!
I see this as a very serious privacy issue and have raised this with clinico, this is their responce:
"Hey Tyraus,

We only have the option to stop the Practitioner from seeing and creating all Invoices in your account. If you want them to not make Invoices and Payments, then you can activate that one in Settings->General Settings, under the Permissions sub-heading.

However, if your Practitioners need to create Invoices and Payments, then we don’t have a way of blocking them from seeing the Daily Payments report, nor the Payments list in the Payments tab, nor the Invoices list in the Invoices tab.

They also stated it is not on their list to change.
Is anyone else concerned about this?