Secure patient forms are here

Totally agree with this, being able to attached a PDF for clients to download would be fab!

Fantastic!!! Good job cliniko. Much more reliable the cliniq apps integration and faster too.

Agree with everyone else as for suggestions.

Also noticed today that the patient form became the final submission and I wasnt able to edit it before saving as final. Is it possible to make the sublitted form editable before making it final. Our physios always check the forms content before making it final.


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Until this level of detail is available you could create separate forms: one with patient details for Admin and another with patient health details that you tick the confidential box …this is then for the practitioner?

although secure forms has been amazing so far (thank you Cliniko!) it would be SUPER helpful if we received an email notification once the patient has completed it. Right now we have to click on each appointment on the schedule of the day to check which is time consumin for reception - OR it would be awesome if there was another icon on the schedule (like the invoice black or red, checkmark if reminders sent, arrived icon) if they did a form - this would help us at a glance know who to follow up with because they are missing their form. :smiley:


I find this really interesting! How did it work out?

Glad to see this being added. Would love to submit some requests for additional features, as heavily requested by others above too.

I require Client consent for some of my treatments therefore;

  1. signature box/electronic signature

Hello Cliniko - I’ve had great success with the forms so far. In addition to the feature requests as I mentioned previously;

  1. signature box
  2. privacy policy/terms and conditions
  3. required fields
  4. automatically update patient details (such as privacy policy, contact details)
  5. as @qpc mentioned an ‘other’ check box that you can add text to would be helpful.
  6. as @Rich mentioned a screen for patients to review answers before submitting, to avoid accidental submissions.
    It has been brought to my attention that when sending forms for multiple children/family members it would be helpful for patients if the forms could have the patient name or initials at the top of the form somewhere so the patient knows they are filling in the correct form for each individual, not sure with privacy/encryption restrictions if this is possible. I can see why it would help patients with multiple forms/children know which form belongs to who.
    Thanks - look forward to hearing from you with an update on some of the above!
    Keep being awesome - your additions have been very welcome during this time!

Certain fields should directly update the patients’ profile:
i.e. Name, Address or Contact Details etc.


Emily, thanks for this feature - one extra thing to add to all the comments already made - can you amend the text the patients sees after they have submitted the form, and the text they see if they try to re-submit the form? for example, after the latter, they see ‘This information has already been sent. There’s nothing more to do. Hooray!’ - this isn’t exactly appropriate if they are concerned about filling a form on covid-19, and isn’t generally appropriate at the best of times. Shouldn’t be too hard to make that change quickly? Something a bit more professional and clinical, please.

It’ll be great if under the security role of a Scheduler or Receptionist, they can see that the Forms have already been filled out rather than not showing (hiding) the forms from view entirely.

This would clear any confusion when they have to check if a patient coming in has already pre-filled in their forms.


It would be very useful if Covid-19 screening/questionnaire with check-boxes is added to the “new appointment” screen. This would be filled out by the staff member when patients are booking over the phone.
It also gives the opportunity for regular (rather than once off) screening which would be required for each attendance over the next few months if not years.

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this is a legal requirement so yes definitely otherwise whats the point in using it

  1. Signature Box Please for legal requirements.
  2. To be able email direct the NC Form by going into client file ‘Forms’ and where the ‘copy link’ is - it be a drop down to have ‘email’ so you can directly re-email to the client if they deleted or didn’t get the confirmation/reminder email with the form link ’ - super quick and super helpful please.
  3. for the form to directly fill out the Client file so we dont have to go into forms and re add it in all ourselves with the relevant info.

I second this. Mandatory fields would be great - I just tested my form without filling in any details and was able to submit the form without any problems! Mandatory fields would be great to prevent this for things like treatment consent, privacy, etc.

Patient forms are fantastic. really very pleased with how they work.

I’ve a few issues with it though. We have it linked in so that it auto generates a patient registration form e.g. past medical history form, if someone books for an initial appointment. So a returning patient who has not attended for 3 months or who has a new injury will have an initial appointment booked. This means that the email will be sent to them with an attached registration form/ past medical history form. In the email we currently just say - only fill this out if it is your first time attending clinic. But we now have people who have multiple forms attached to their profile which don’t need completed. Perhaps it’s just my OCD but it means when you look back at their profile there are gonna be an ever increasing number of forms that don’t need completed being saved in the profile.

Is there a work around? Or can this problem be solved somehow?

I know in clinic apps, which we use to use for patient forms, you could set it so that the form would only be sent if it was the patients first time at clinic or if their form had never been completed before (returners who haven’t completed the form before).


@Muscleworks I agree with numbers 1 & 2 & 3.

I would also like to add (sorry if someone has already asked):

  • The ability to complete the form with the client in person.
    Take acupuncture for instance. It may be that we decide during an appointment that Acu is the treatment of choice. Rather than send the form the client, why not be able to complete the form within the client’s profile.
    Route being:
    Client appointment - add client form (like add treatment note) - choose form - complete - save.

So great you have these now thanks. Just wanted to add to the requests for a signature box for consent forms etc.

Would also be great to be able to add body charts - so patients can mark symptomatic areas.


If we can maximise the use of Cliniko and all of it’s features to stream line our admin process (get all of our reports, filing, etc done within one system)…that would be absolutely incredible.

Having forms is great, agreed, however I still have to spend valuable time on this when the template for a “New Patient Form” really should just be the “Patient details” fields that gets sent out, and when filled in, are linked directly into the information fields. Of course, a form gets saved into “forms” as a paper trail so we can see when the information was submitted, etc, for future use.

Mandatory fields for terms and conditions, also. Anything you have as Cliniko standards, (or general online contact-info forms), is what practices also require. All the legal points that we can customised and mark as a “required field” would be amazing.

Looking forward to seeing how to how the software develops.

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You can create an Acupuncture consent form in Patient Notes. Open client’s folder —> go to ’ Forms ’ ----> Add acupuncture form and copy the link ----> paste the link into your search bar and it will open the form----> you can then complete with the client then and there and hit submit so it is imported to the clients file.
Bit long winded but it works for us if a client doesn’t have email and we need to complete their covid status check either over the phone or in person.

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Thanks @Annie_Rea great shout and we have now done this. Cheers