Secure patient forms are here

You can now create patient forms in Cliniko, and your patients will be able to securely fill them out before their appointments! This may be useful when it comes to COVID-19, especially if you need to get critical information from your patients before they come in for their appointment. These forms will also be helpful if you’re offering telehealth appointments, and physical paper forms aren’t an option.

When you create a form, you’ll be able to include a link to it in your appointment confirmation emails and reminders—so your patients will be able to fill out the required information prior to their appointment. When they submit the form, it will be sent right to their patient details (there will also be a link to it on the appointment)—so you’ll be able to easily review it at any time.

Check out a video overview of how patient forms work:

Read on to learn how to set them up!

Setting up patient forms

To get started, you’ll head to Settings, and then Patient form templates:

You’ll then add a new template:

From there, you can give it a name, add sections, and specify the permissions:

:point_up:Note: If you tick the box next to “Contains health information”, it means that only a practitioner can view the completed form because it’s likely there will be confidential health information in it.

As you create sections, you’ll see that the form is quite similar to how treatment notes look! The main difference is that it’s the patient filling this out—not the practitioner.

Once you create your template, you can include a link in your confirmation and reminder templates—this means the form will be automatically emailed to your patient, and they can fill it out and submit it back to you!

Sharing forms with your patients

Once you’ve created the form template, you can add a link to your confirmation and reminder templates.

Within each template, you’ll see a new dropdown menu—PATIENTFORM:

Selecting this will allow you to select a specific form and include a link in the template. For example, here we’re including a link to a COVID-19 screening form:

When your patient hits that link, they’ll be brought to a page that looks something like this:

Once the form is submitted, it can be found as a link on the patient’s appointment:

It can also be found under the “Forms” section of the patient’s details:

When selected, you’ll be able to see a list of all forms this patient has submitted:

And you can view each one (as well as see what appointment it’s related to):

Forms can be used for pretty much anything you need, and right now, we know they might come in particularly handy with regards to COVID-19. As many people are also offering telehealth appointments, using the patient forms feature will help ensure that you get the information you need without the hassle of paper!

As usual, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! :hugs:


this is an amazing new addition however to really cap it off I would hope at some stage we have the ability for the customers to have a signature box so we can get signed consent forms from them. Would that be on the radar? heres hoping. Well done on the new forms.


I agree with Andrew. I’ll be swapping from the Cliniq app integration and will be missing that signature pad. It would also be great to have back the option for some of those automatic updates in the patient profile such as DOB, gender, address, phone etc.


Such a great addition. Agreed, another thing that would be handy is being able to add additional information to the bottom of the form such as that for: privacy consent, consent to treatment and late cancellation policies etc.


Love the new addition, would like to suggest the ability to add a link to these new forms in “Letters” (via drop down menu per reminder templates) as our practice often sends letters out to clients via email at varying times, not necessarily as an appointment reminder.


Agree with the above - to be able to let go of CliniqApps, I’ll need the ability to sign the form, and also be able to include the link in letters, as I don’t send out automatic emails when clients book, I send forms manually to my clients (as I use forms for more than just client intake). Otherwise, this is fantastic and a long awaited feature for me!


Big thank you to Cliniko for this much requested feature. I’m sure there’ll be more tweaks to come but for now… just thanks!

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THANK YOU for listening and responding so quickly cliniko! From what I can see it looks great so far and we are really looking forward to taking it for a spin…
Feature request that I can see right now echo the above;

  • signature box
  • privacy policy, consent to treatment etc.
  • updating patient details in cliniko such as marketing preferences, contact details etc.

big love and stay safe! x


Great work Cliniko team!

Now two additional requests - on top of my favorites already requested by
Andrew_Winters: signatures
taniamcdonald1: Free text boxes for info to be read by the patient/client (but not just at the footer).

  1. Default answers on some items e.g. checkboxes checked by default, pre-filled short sentence boxes, etc.
  • I’d like to have default text in text boxes
  • I don’t care about default text

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  1. Ability to download form responses as .csv, .txt, .pdf. .csv would be especially helpful for comparing say intake and mid-treatment responses to multiple choice questionnaires for gauging improvement.
  • I want to be able to download form results to .csv
  • I want to be able to download form results to .pdf
  • I want to be able to download form results to .txt

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And, lastly, maybe I’m a dreamer… how about an upload box for patients to upload referrals, reports, etc.?


Totally Agree - We need a place to upload our cancellation policy - Even a generic Text box that can’t be edited.

Upload box for further files would be amazing - It would save our admin and scanner a tonne of time on the appointment day if families could just add files while filling out the patient form!

Thanks Guys. It’s a great start!


yes please to the signature box! Such a massive timesaver


Yes this is great! I have recently moved away from Cliniqapps because it was so unreliable. I would LOVE to use a Cliniko integrated new client form again, however like users have mentioned above, we do need an option for the client to sign for consent to care and privacy policy.

Secondly, it would be great if we could add a personal details section of the form that receptionist staff can see, so they can complete the client’s file. Some data could be automatically updated in file. And different countries of course have different insurance requirements for invoices, we currently use invoice extra information section to record this. Receptionists need to be able to collect this data from the client’s form and add to the file. However the intake form will have health data so it would be good to be able to separate from the two in the same form

Looking forward to future developments on this form. Thank you for releasing makes me happy to be with Cliniko!


If not through standard mailing what is the best way to provide access to forms online to the patients.

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Bravo Cliniko! You guys have really been killing it during this COVID crisis and working quickly to help us adapt to our new needs :slight_smile:

Thank you!


It would be really helpful for all forms (including treatment notes) to have an option for "other"in checkboxes or multiple choice where they can type in an answer for that question with other selected choices. Right now you have to start a new question for a single text box so this has really increased the length of our templates…

also a unique link per patient for the forms would be helpful so not just housed in email confirmation but could be emailed to them :wink:

thank you!!!


Brilliant work again, making a huge difference to us and our clients. I fully agree with the signature requests, but a current significant issue is that it’s very easy to accidentally press “Enter” (through habit) and then the form is sent accidentally. For many of my clients this is HIGHLY likely. Is there any way of having an additional “Is Your Form Complete?, Submit Application Form”, option to prevent accidental submission of an incomplete form?

Hopefully a simple check but it would save a lot of admin time as the inclusion of the form :smiley:


Could we make some fields mandatory and also expand character limitations to add in consent?


would be great to add in logo and download to PDF (reception can print out if they didn’t complete in advance)